April Post 3 – Iris, Blooming in the Light

Iris, Blooming

     in the Morning Light,

You absorb the nutrients

of Earth Mother’s bounty

and push your way from the womb darkness

to the warmth of the light.

Between the green you unfold in amethyst beauty,

You play and dance in *Ruah breeze,

your unfolding petals sway in praise.

Flower within us, Sacred Song Sister,

that, opening to spring life,

we leave dormancy and death behind.

Plant us into the gardens

of new creations.

Blessed be! Blessed she!

-Poem/Prayer by Rev. Stacy Boorn,  ©2014

*Ruah is the Hebrew/OT word for “Spirit.”

Tuesday, May 1, was Beltane, the Celtic Festival that marks the half way point between spring and summer.  Beltane honors life. The earth energies are at their peak, and color and growth is blooming everywhere.  This is the time of year to fully celebrate sexuality and sensuality, passion, vitality and joy.  Let us bring our ideas, hopes and dreams into action and have some fun as well!

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