Our Lady Eben – Ezer – I found her!

DEC 1 - EbenezerOur Lady Eben-Ezer,

Ancient and Eternal Mother,

our (Eben) Stone of Strength,

our (Ezer) Helper and Source of Empowered Life

your third-eye upon us is kind,

and your earthen advice gentle.

Always you affirm the creative energy

and the strength of the human good

that is within us.


DEC 1 - RedCanyon Woman

“AncientRockWoman” – Red Canyon, Utah

When we go astray, speak to us,

for in tender care

you welcome, nurture and inspire us,

and lead us to seek Wisdom.

You delight in those who live

out of compassion and womb love.

May we be strengthened as community

and individuals to dispense your

liberating and merciful heart.

Wise Crone, Aspiring Maiden, Ezer of Love.

Blessed Be!

images and prayer ©Stacy Boorn 2015

Mud Yoni - after the rain in Capitol Reef NP, Utah

Mud Yoni – after the rain in Capitol Reef NP, Utah

The first image was arranged (by me) and photographed in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah in October, 2015. This was on my way to the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City where I participated in a panel presentation on the Divine Feminine organized by Dr. Jann Aldredge-Clanton.

In the Dessert Mountains I saw her – Our Lady Ebenezer. Eben is the Hebrew word for Stone and Ezer is the Hebrew word for Helper or the Source of Empowered and Compassionate Living.  Ezer in the Old Testament is used only to describe the Divine/Holy One and a woman.

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