January – week 1

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Cataract Falls – Marin County:

After a week of rain these voluptuous falls  cascade down the hill sides.  Following an easy marked trail on the Fairfax-Bolinas run and a short hike you come to the first of many falls.  I am using a Canon 7D with a 10-20 mm lens here.  I got pretty close to the edge of this swift moving “creek.”  What made this capture work for me was the fact that it was still an overcast day.  I didn’t need to make multiple captures and create a HDR image.  I prefer to try and use as many camera skills as possible to render the image as I envision it.  Remember when you are close to this much splashing water that you will get water drops on your lens that will burr and distort your capture – so bring your micro fiber cloth with you.  And a tripod is a must.  ISO 100, f/22 at 1 second.  I thought I was capturing a new shot.  But when I compared it to an image from 2007 taken at the same location I was really surprised at how similar the images were – even down to the flow of the water.  It is ever so fun to go back to the same spot year after year if possible.

Turban Snails at low tide and late afternoon light:

At low tide I remembered a spot where turban snails (or those that now housed hermit crabs) sat in a half inch of water in the groves and creaks of the rocks.  Late in the afternoon as the sun was about to hit the horizon in the ocean that golden light bathed the cliff sides.  The color is then seen from certain angles reflected in the water and the water appears golden.

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