August – week 3

The fog continues to blanket most of San Francisco even to the point of drizzling. But this produces wonderful dew drops on leaves and flowers.  I find that diagonal lines in an image can give a simple stagnate subject a sense of movement.  Such was the case with these beautiful green leaves.  Over cast days defuse the sun and pop the colors.  That helped make the yellow color attractive in the veins of the mid section of this image.

Green is so “full of life” and a wonderful symbol in these days where the news reminds us of the ever widening death blows we have created globally.  May the greening power of the Holy One give us the insight to repair the web of life while there is still time.  The green of this plant seemed to be crying out for eco-justice.

Fill your frame with your subject is a mantra I learned years ago from Photographer Carol Leigh.  Sometimes I still say it out loud when determining a composition. (see Carol’s website: Photoexplorations.  She has a wonderful daily blog and offers top notch online classes and photo trips!)

The second shot is a section of a rusting old shell gasoline pump, probably from the 1940s.  Within every inch of rusting tractors, cars, and gas pumps you can create abstract images.  This time I chose a recognizable section of the pump to draw us back into its historical setting.

This old gas pump with other funky items is found just south of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1 at the Cameron Pub and Inn, (1410 S. Cabrillo Hwy).  The inn has self identified as the Disneyland of pubs.  Although, that may not speak well for all the other pubs but the photo ops for rusting bits and pieces is worth the stop.

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