October Week 4 – Stars and Bandits

There are hundreds of fantastic “postcard” photos of San Francisco and specifically the Golden Gate Bridge.  But it is still rewarding to look for your own moments worth capturing.  After a bald sky with little sunset color at Baker Beach, I turned my attention to the lights on the bridge , to capture the  beautiful reflected lights.

The tide was low and still going out, the swells were small and the incoming waves weren’t crashing immediately on top of each other.  These are the perfect ingredients for providing a wet soft sandy shore that will reflect the lights of the bridge.  Twilight is a magical time, so when the sun sinks below the horizon hang out for another 30 minutes and watch what happens

At the foot of rugged serpentine cliffs mile-long Baker Beach gives you spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Quite often it is warm enough for picnics and long walks at water’s edge.  At the Northern end you will fine the “clothing optional” area.

By using an f/22 aperture the lights on the bridge automatically star.  And a slow shutter speed, needed because of the darkness and small aperture, will give your rolling waves a soft cottony look.

Earlier a Raccoon joined me for lunch… but didn’t bring her own sandwich.   This little gal was just too cute not to make the weekly cut.   She is a good reminder, although often seen as a pest in the urban wilds, that we humans aren’t the sole or ruling creatures of this planet.

Sit down on the ground and get eye level with your subjects, just make sure they don’t jump into your lap.  For my sandwich she would have done just that – the little masked bandit!

Raccoons catch a lot of their meals in the water. These nocturnal foragers use lightning-quick paws to grab crayfish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures. On land, they pluck mice and insects from their hiding places and raid nests for tasty eggs and eat fruit and plants. They will even open garbage cans to dine on the contents.

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