January week 4 – Wide is Wacky

If you desire fun and funky images you’ll want to try a fisheye lens, where distortion is super emphasized.  Canon’s 8 – 15 mm fisheye can give you both circular-image and full-coverage when used with a full-frame EOS body.

Use this lens on an ordinary or every day subject and transform it into a global fantasy.

Here are two examples from my first day with this lens.  The Cyprus Trees above the Sutro Bath ruins at land’s end in San Francisco took on a new life.  By just touching the trunk of one tall tree and pointing the lens up the Cyprus bent in directions that even 110 miles an hour wind can’t do to them.  (The weather has already created  branches that dance away from the ocean side.)

The Windmill and Queen Wilhelmina’s Garden at the western end of Golden Gate Park becomes a cyclorama scene with this 8mm. These images were taken at f/22 at 1/30th of a second.

When looking through this lens you have to be very careful not to get your legs and feet in the picture (unless you want that).  I could hardly keep from singing “The circle of love goes around, around” while photographing with this lens.

With a Fisheye, if you don’t want to have the barreling distortion you simply need to keep the horizon in the center of your image. But wide is wacky and wonderful!

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