July Week 2 – Not in my back yard!

Often while walking and noticing beautiful things around me I find myself chanting:

“Ancient Mother, I hear your calling.  Ancient Mother, I hear your song.  Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter.  Ancient Mother, I taste your tears!”

“Within walking distance” is one of my favorite photo challenges.  So this week vines and apples growing in neighbors’ yards caught my eye.

I used a fun and funky program called “Photo Toaster” with these images.  “Photo Toaster” is an iPhone app with a set of templates you apply to your image.

Desaturation of a portion of an image (as with the apples) or selective focus (as with the vines) can draw your attention to the “story” of an image.  Diagonal lines also make for dramatic presentations of even the most ordinary of subjects.



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