November Week 4 – Migrations weaving the landscape

The sounds of the wings of migration reverberate in my mind
memories of travel, north and south and back again
seasons turn in rotation until the earth renews and germinates another life
the egg, the chick, the fledgling, the flight

Various Gulls at Pescadera State Beach, CA

always seeking direction
following food and the wind and the rhythm
As I see the migrations come and go
there is a new feather and a wing to follow
a fresh song to be heard in my soul

Ring-necked Duck on stop over in San Francisco

oh the migration of the birds
along the coastal areas,
   into the marsh and by the lake sides
on the tree tops and through grassy lands
   to find their winter domicile
As they dive and dabble in the bay lands
   the flapping of their wings,
the merger of the species
the laughter of the Brandt
all bring the sign of the changing of the seasons
theirs is the hymnody of ages nearly forgotten
and patterns that weave the web and dust the earth!


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