December week 3 – Humor goes a long way (or no where).

Dec wk 3 BikeInTruck webCapturing humor with one’s camera is a fun self-assigned topic.  I knew I had archived that goal when I saw a young boy pretending to be on a wild ride through the paths of his own fantasies on his father’s scooter still packed in their moving van.

He tossed his scarf time and time again over his shoulder as if the wind was causing it to flap behind him. He rhythmically taped his helmet oblivious to my watching.  His name is Lantz and he had just arrived in Princeton-by-the-Sea from Michigan.  He was determined to mimic a high speed ride even while talking with me.  He was ready to be on the open road along the coast but all he could get was rocking back and forth between suitcases.

What I think enhances both these captures is the funky framing. Apps are available through our iPhones or plug-ins for Photoshop that provide a variety of edges and frames.

Dec wk 3 CamperModel webThe little wooden cob-webbed camper was on a shelf in an outdoor store called “You Have to Have It,” also in Princeton-by-the-Sea which is just north of Half Moon Bay on highway one between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Glass chips, bronze hands, 6 foot metal ravens, a bowl of antique door knobs and tons more – you can have (buy) it, or just enjoy photographing it while fretting out patterns and humor and textures.

Color and subject matter made these “Traveler” shots attractive to me.  As you join the many travelers these days gathering with family or friends to celebrate holidays may you find within them, in the midst of all the seriousness and disturbances of our world, moments to laugh.

Young Lantz on his father’s scooter racing to nowhere gave me a high five as I welcomed him with laughter to his new home.

You might think that I, a preacher of 25 years (as of 12-20) would have a serious word to share with you between the solstice and the eve of the Christ Mass.  Well maybe it is a profound proclamation:  Laugh out loud!

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