January week 2 – Wooly or Wild be your Guide

Winter in the Bay Area usually means rainy days which produce the greening of the hills.  Although it is rather cold the local land seems to be satiated with new life.  The Marin and Sonoma coastal farms are echoing with the bleating of the new-born lambs and their mothers calling.

Jan 2 - Lambs webEspecially along the road to Dillon Beach you will find one cute roly-poly lamb after another.  A telephoto lens between 100 – 400 mm will help you fill your frame with these wooly creatures.  They are best photographed on an overcast day providing saturated colors and even light.  And since they are testing their new legs be sure you have a fast enough shutter speed (at least 1/125th of a second) to prevent blurring.

The Marin Headlands is a good location to spot coyotes.  In the wet grassy areas, early in the morning, you are likely to see a coyote finding easy prey in the gophers and field mice that are closer to the surface when the ground is saturated.   Also a bright overcast day provides a nice light for photographing the coyote whose winter fur is fluffy and well-fed body robust.

Jan 2 - Coyote webIn the Native American tradition, animals play a large role. They believe in the power of animals for healing and that they give messages pertinent to what we may need to learn either for that day or for our entire lives. Native Americans will meditate with their animal-spirit guides and seek their wisdom.  Use these animal images in your meditation today.

The Coyote represents both wisdom and folly. That is why I love to photograph her/him.  It is said that coyote people easily adapt to many new and challenging situations and have  the ability to laugh at themselves in healthy ways.

I love to howl like a coyote (mostly when no one is listening) which resonates with my soul and reminds me of our primal connections.

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