February Week 2 – blink poems (with or without words)

Feb 2 - Deer Face webDeer eye and ear
rimmed by morning light
early morning Marin Headlands
(400 mm lens and quiet steps)

The A Woman’s Eye Gallery collective consist of 5 visual artists and a curator of the word.   The latter is Poet Kit Kennedy who has just published a book of 23 blink poems entitled “while eating oysters.”  A blink poem is a one or two line poem demonstrated by the title of the book.

One of my favorites in this neon lime green non-paginated 4×5 inched book is:

“I love tulips
for their sexy insides”

Photographically my sentiments exactly!  At Pier 39 the annual “Tulipmania” is underway.  Most of the tulips in the beds near the California Sea Lions statue are solid reds planted among the yellows of daffodils and various ground coverings.  But on the boardwalk upstairs the barrels show purple, orange, pink, variegated and multicolored ones.  And indeed their insides are “sexy.”

Feb 2 -Tulip Duo webOn Valentines Day this past week 1 billion women and girls (and men and boys too) danced to protest violence against women and girls. They rose up all over the world. Some groups were large mobs and others were small quiet moments.  Visit the herrising website for pictures, videos and stories.

When the wind blows the rising-tulips I am reminded of this incredible day when women were rising, dancing, and pointing to symbolize their solidarity to break cycles of violence from the Congo, to the buses of Delhi, to the girls’ schools in Pakistan to US work places and healthcare policies.

Celebrate herrising, plant a tulip!

*Kit Kennedy’s book “while eating oysters” is on sale at AWE Gallery for just $5 so please stop by and read the remaining 22 blink poems.

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