May week 4 – Full Moon rising from every direction

The New Moon always rises at sunrise.
The first quarter Moon rises at noon.
The Full Moon rises at sunset.
The last quarter Moon rises at midnight.
Moonrise takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before.

But moonrise over Alcatraz happened this way…

May 4 - MoonAlcatrazWebI am not ready to give up on my DSLRs and my 20 pound back pack of equipment.  But I will confess I consider my iPhone and an array of apps an additional powerful tool for image making.  Plus, your iPhone (or other mobile devices) is always with you.

Last week when I saw a beautiful cloud over Alcatraz I couldn’t resist figuring out a way to render it more dramatically than what the flat late morning light and hazy atmosphere were offering.

A super moon was in the sky this past week but fog prevented me from seeing it.  That moon would have made for a spectacular picture if I could also have figured out where to stand to position it over Alcatraz or some other recognizable foreground.  But this image is the aforementioned iPhone capture manipulated in the app called LensLight.

May 4 - AgapanPaint webA fellow photographer recently went on and on about how using mobile devices/apps just provide the world with tons of images that all look alike.  I disagree.  Photograph,y like other visual arts, is about using your tools to present your vision.  In addition to choosing a particular application to transform one’s capture there is the possibility of applying the app in a variety of ways/degrees and then adding several other apps in any given order.

The second image is an Agapanthus bud.  After choosing my angle and capturing the image with Camera Plus, (love the way you tap for the focus area and the second tap is on the area you desire your exposure reading), I then optimized my image with slight adjustments in Snapseed.  Next I used the app “Colorblast” which converts to black and white and then you paint back in the areas you want in color.    Finally, I used the app Auto Paint 3 with the “chalk” effect.

I have only begun to scratch the surface with new ways to expand my art, vision and world.  It is my new moon.  How about you?

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