July week 4 – Fiery Ball of Light: Magical and Mystical

The Sun is the star found at the center of our Solar System. The Sun’s surface temperature is around 5500 degrees Celsius (9941 degrees Fahrenheit) and  the core is around 13600000 degrees Celsius. Light from the Sun reaches Earth in around 8 minutes. But no mater how many facts we know about the Sun it remains for us magical and mystical as it “sets” and “rises” before us!

July 4 - Sunset Couple WEBFog gently ripples like curtains covering the setting sun and providing a glimpse at its “shape.” Because of the Sun’s huge influence on Earth, many early cultures honored the Sun as a deity. For example, Ancient Egyptians worshiped Ra while in Aztec mythology the Sun Deity is named Tonatiuh.

July 4 - Fog Sun WEBThe “Canticle of the Sun”, also known as the “Laudes Creaturarum” (“Praise of the Creatures”) by Saint Francis of Assisi, calls the sun our brother and the moon our sister. But I prefer to see the sun as another beautiful mother!

July 4 - Sunset Beach WEBFiery Ball of Light
You release and offer the energy
needed to nourish our spirit and universe
You awe us with wonder and comfort
as the splendor of your creative powers
blanket us warmly in dreams of tomorrow
Let us not underestimate your presence
regenerating the life forces
within and around us
Wisdom of the Ages
Mother Sun
Shine on!
Poetry © Stacy Boorn, July 2014

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