September Week 4 – golden grasses and glistening grapes

As we mark the Fall Equinox we are held in perfect equilibrium honoring equal day and equal night. What an appropriate day for the United Nations Climate Summit 2014 to commence.   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was “excited to link arms” with the People’s Climate Change March on Sunday. “It’s clear that climate change is no longer a problem for the future. We can no longer delay action – if we delay we will pay,” organizer spokesperson Stephen Dujarric said. “These marches show world leaders that people want action on climate change now.”

Sept 4 - Goat Barn WEBThe sights and smells of golden grasses and glistening grapes are local Fall symbols that connect us to the earth. In honor of this week’s important conversations and actions I share with you two images embraced by poetic words from dear friend and a herchurch poet, Sherri Rose-Walker.

AUTUMN GODDESS    by Sherri Rose-Walker  ©September 1986

Sept 4 - Grapes WEB Ascending
with a thousand temple bells
through carved corridors
ancient as time,
the Queen has come
to take her rightful place
among divinities
governing heaven and earth.
Gold of antiquity
at her throat and breast,
mantle of fiery feathers
caressing her verdant body,
she is crowned with the crescent moon
and the stars of heaven.
Behold her with awe and wonder;
risen from unimaginable depths,
she carries in her womb
renewed life of the spirit
more precious than earthly treasure.
Sing praises, bring offerings;
in her radiant, numinous embrace
your blazing visions shall be incarnated.
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