May, week 1 – In the Fog

400 mm lens compresses hills

Photographing fog can produce eerie and moody atmospherical images.  Although, often a fog subject will provide little contrast and look flat or washed-out.  Photographing in fog is like shooting in a natural light box which defuses and evenly scatters the light.  This works very well for outdoor portraits and with wildflowers.  The morning fog is also beautiful as it hugs the Marin Headlands and wraps around our sky scrapers.  An excellent place to view this is from Mt. Tamalpias.  Since the fog is lighter than a medium gray (tonality) I remembered to over expose the shot by one stop.  I prefer to make as many good technical choices in camera as possible, even though you could do all this in post-processing.  But if you begin with an excellent capture, both technically and aesthetically pleasing, the end results will always be stunning.

Often the fog roles in and covers San Francisco in the evenings.  I noticed how golden and muted the lights of the street and city became with a blanket of fog bedding us down for the night.

Peering through the church kitchen window after an evening meeting I noticed the swirling fog was muting the streetlights.  A row of glass vases sat on the sill as the street lights shone through them.

I had been meaning to get rid of some of these dusty old glass flower vases but this particular night caused me to recant my resolve because the colors of the night lights were glowing orange and gorgeous through them.  Without the fog to mute the harshness of the bright lights this shot would not have been as attractive.

There are images in every path of our vision waiting to be seized by our hearts, minds and palettes (camera or other media as you wish).

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