May Week 2 – We Have a Beautiful Mother

Orche Star Eats Clam

I am posting these images on “Mothers Day.”  This day’s origin began in 1870 with Julia Ward Howe’s call to women globally to unite and declare a day for protesting war and seeking ways of peace.  12 years after she wrote the lyrics of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, not a “feminist theme song,” she was tired of war and killing and declared “From the bosom of a devastated Earth a voice goes up with our own, it says Disarm! Disarm!”

I offer you two images (photographed in the second week of May) from the body of mother earth: “Tears on an Iris” and “Star Eats Crab.” On this Mothers Day we each remember our mother and all mothers we know, Mother Earth and the Eternal God/dess Mother.  The words of Alice Walker enable us to do just that in her poem “We Have A Beautiful Mother.”

  • We have a beautiful
    Her Hills
    are buffaloes
    Her buffaloes
    We have a beautiful
    Her oceans
    are wombs
    Her wombs
    We have a beautiful
    Her teeth
    the white stones at the edge
    of the water
    the summer grasses
    her plentiful
    We have a beautiful
    Her green lap
    Her brown embrace
    Her blue body
    we know.
    Shallow depth-of-filed used to select focus on water (f/2.8  – 100mm  macro lens, diffused light, reflector)
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