October week 3 – Technicolor Dream Door

Doors:  in their cultural facades or minuscule details, we enjoy looking at them, photographing and painting them. Perhaps it is because it gives us both a sense of graphic beauty and mystery.  We wonder once they are open where they might lead us.  In our imaginations we begin to travel into their projected promises.

I chose a particular detail of a mundane door that was starting to age.  But a little tilt of the camera lens creating a vertical line started the dramatic explosion of possible designs and Technicolor patterns.   In my mind’s eye I envisioned what it would be like if the paint was pealing, or multiple colors had been put on this door, or the knob had been polished or rusted more, or mold began to take over.

These are a few examples of some twenty post-processed images from the same original capture.  Ansell Adams played in a dark room and now we can play in a light room.

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