March Week 4 – Dressed in Purple for the Spring Show

Iris Bud f/29 and Blossom f/3.0 - Pt. Reyes National Seashore

Iris Bud f/29 and Blossom f/3.0 – Pt. Reyes National Seashore

Bird Goddess and Prayer Candles - herchurch

Bird Goddess and Prayer Candles – herchurch

Purple Goddess
purple resurrection of She
the color of her glory and compassion
Iris, Lupine, Larkspur, Chinese Houses –
local expressions of her presence
among the shrubs, tall grasses
and their own turned-over leaves.
We have moved from
                the purple of Lent
to White of Easter,
               yet herstory remains
cloaked in purples of every shade
purple resurrection of SHE
returning to the mother of us all
naming the sisters too long silenced
reclaiming the daughter rising.


Photo insights:  The Iris bud was photographed using lots of depth of field (f/29) so that sharpness could be obtained pretty much throughout the image.  But for the blossom I chose a shallow depth-of-field to emphasize just a portion of a petal and the dew drops on it (f/3.0).  More depth of field would have also brought the background somewhat into focus rendering it very busy and distracting.  PS – “Chinese Houses” is the common name of a wildflower.

The Bird Goddess (made by artist Annette Wagner) standing behind the prayer candles was photographed with my iPhone and tweaked first in the Snapseed Ap and then the Old Time Photograph Ap.

Yes, I celebrate both the resurrection of the Christ-Sophia and the rebirth of the Goddess!  See in these images how they are part of the same love story…

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